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DayFox music is copyrighted BUT: Yes ! You can use all of my tracks on your youtube videos (and monetized it), facebook/instagram videos or podcast if you can credit me.
Using my music on social media without crediting me is not tolerated and will unless the matter has been discussed and approved by me, result in said video being reported for copyright infringement.

If you wish to use my music without crediting me, you can do so by purchasing a commercial license. In that case reach out to me and describe your project through the contact form below and I will get back to you with details. Don’t hesitate, we will find a good solution for your project.


Here follows a few examples of how you credit me correctly on different social media.
Keep in mind however that as long as you include the correct link/tag you are free to write whatever you want around that in regards to your video.

Example of correct credit for Youtube/Twitter/Vimeo:

Music by DayFox: https://www.soundcloud.com/dayfox
Music by DayFox: https://www.youtube.com/c/dayfox

Example of correct credit/Tagging for Instagram:

Music by @dayfoxofficial


Example of correct credit/Tagging for Facebook:

Music by @dayfoxmusic


There are two scenarios when my music is NOT free to use:

1. If you want to use my music on social media without the need to credit me.
2. If you wish to use my music in films, games, TV programs/commercials.

If either one of those speaks to your scenario , please fill out the contact form below and describe your project as descriptive as you can and i’ll get back to you with information. Also here: do not hesitate to contact me, we find a way and fee solution for your project !
I want to hear from you.

Thank you!


– You cannot claim my music as your own.
– You cannot sell / re-sell my music.
– You cannot release it as music under your name (also not edits or remixes of it)
– You cannot use my music without giving any credits in video/post description.
– You cannot use my music as background music for your own musical work.
– You cannot upload my music as track under your own name to any Music Streaming Service or Youtube.

For Further Questions go here: http://dayfox.de/faq/